To help people connect with others and manage their mental health and wellbeing, we are offering an exciting and varied weekly timetable of activities you can access face to face from our Hub, with the option to attend online via Zoom for some.


If you would like to know more about the wellbeing hub, you can get in touch with us at wellbeinghub [at]



On a Monday, Weekly, 11am - 1pm. Please call or email to check

Our trainee yoga teacher, Faye, has prepared a 6-week course to deliver, this will include Yoga fundamentals, breathing techniques, an insight into linking mind and body, and much more. Places are offered on a first come first served basis as we will only be offering this Face to Face and have limited places.

Next Steps - Over 65's Peer Group

On a Tuesday, Weekly, 10am – 12pm, Face to Face

This group is for over 65’s who would like to socialise with peers whilst engaging in a variety of different weekly activities such as arts and crafts, quizzes, mindfulness, or just having a brew and a chat. 

Bob in for a Brew

On a Tuesday, Weekly, 2pm – 4pm, Face to Face or via Zoom

Offering attendees the chance to have some social time with others whilst enjoying a hot drink and engaging conversation. Available as either face to face or online via Zoom, this session is all about helping people feel less isolated and more connected with others in their community.

Autism in Mind - Peer Group

On a Tuesday, Fortnightly, 4pm – 6pm, Face to Face

A social drop-in group for Autistic Adults living in Tameside, with the chance to socialise with peers, engage in activities, and have a hot drink and a chat. The session runs from 4pm-6pm but you are welcome to attend at any stage.

Walk & Talk 

On a Wednesday, Fortnightly, 11am – 1pm, Face to Face

In a variety of different settings, across Tameside, this activity will provide a chance for participants to chat, socialise and connect with others whilst enjoying some gentle exercise in a variety of safe outdoor settings. Walks are planned to be approx. 60 - 90 minutes, and planned to be held in 3 stages, helping to make it accessible for all abilities.

Mindful Photography

On a Wednesday, Fortnightly, 10am – 12pm, Face to Face

A relaxing, gentle paced activity, Mindful Photography helps you to slow down, take notice, and connect. During the 2-hour session we take a walk in the local area, taking photographs of anything that takes interest, helping to keep your body active and your mind focused & calm.

Wellbeing Courses

On a Thursday, Weekly, 10am – 12pm, Face to Face

We offer a variety of different wellbeing courses, such as:

  • Stress & Anxiety (4 weeks)
  • Confidence & Self-Esteem (4 weeks)
  • 5 Ways to Wellbeing (5 weeks)
  • How to cope with Anger

These courses are for those wanting to develop their knowledge of the subject at beginner level, and for those who may have experienced mental health issues in relation. Our staff will be unable to provide support outside of the content of this course.

Please note that the above options are an educational course delivered by training staff & lived experience peers, it is designed to provide insight and awareness through psychoeducation. The course is NOT a substitute for medical, clinical, or therapeutic interventions and should NOT be accessed by those wishing for or requiring qualified clinical or therapeutic services.

Arts & Crafts

On a Thursday, Weekly, 2pm – 4pm, Face to Face or via Zoom

For people of all levels of ability, with a different creative task each week. Sometimes we work around a theme, with the plan that they can be brought together to make pieces to display in our Tameside offices. Or we take on suggestions / ideas from the group members of what they would like to do or try and plan for the coming weeks. If attending Face to Face all materials are provided, however if joining from Zoom participants will have to source their own materials.



Mindfulness & Meditation

Days / Times can vary, please call or email to check

Patricia, our volunteer who has a wealth of knowledge and experience,  delivers guided mindful & meditation practices, helping people to slow down, switch off, and focus on the moment, to help manage and reduce mild symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Creative Writing

Coming soon on Fridays, Fortnightly, 10am – 12pm, Face to Face

A regular discussion group based around all things writing. There will be writing tasks and tips each week, with the idea that we will then meet the following week and speak about what we have done, share our ideas and share writing tips with each other. You can expect discussion around journaling, creative writing, poetry and much more. A friendly, safe space to have a cuppa and a chat with like-minded people

If you live in Tameside or Glossop and are interested in any of the activities please call 0161 330 9223.

You would normally need an IT device and access to the internet and a webcam. We may be able to provide IT assistance if needed.

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