Tameside and Glossop Counselling

Counselling with TOG Mind

At Tameside, Oldham and Glossop Mind we offer a range of Therapeutic services that are available to those living within Tameside, Oldham and Glossop and surrounding areas. These include:

  • Free to access 1-1 Counselling service for Tameside and Glossop residents aged 16+

  • 1-1 Mindfulness


Our counselling services has been established in Tameside for over 30 years, we recruit our counsellors who have studied or are studying at the best Universities and Colleges in the North West and we're members of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) who are the broadest and largest counselling body in the UK.


The counselling service is a confidential service offered to individuals experiencing a range of issues.

Other Areas

Live outside of Tameside and Glossop? We have an alternative pathway for residents who don't live in the area.


You can learn more about this by getting in touch on 0161 330 9223, or by emailing us at office [at] togmind.org.

Set up a drop-in appointment

If you're interested in accessing counselling with us, then you can give us a call on 0161 330 9223 and ask us about counselling.


What is Counselling?

What is counselling?Counselling is series of one-to-one sessions between you and your counsellor. It can help you address personal and emotional issues that may be causing you distress.


Counselling offers an opportunity to talk confidentially to someone impartial, so you are free to explore how you feel and be supported, without judgment.


It can help you to understand issues so you can make your own choices, reach your own decisions and to act on them in a way that feels right for you.

How does it work?

When you contact us; we'll invite you in for a 25-minute assessment. Once you've been to this, in most cases we'll put you on our waiting list for counselling. Sometimes we feel that some people may benefit from being referred to another service. If this is the case we will bring it up and discuss it with you, and if you like the idea we'll go through with it.


Free Service

We'll invite you for a counselling session with one of our amazing counsellors either at our Ashton or Glossop office, depending on which one you have chosen. You will then receive 8 sessions for free.


Paid Service

  • 1-1 Counselling

  • 1-1 Mindfulness

We'll invite you in for a sessionf with one of our counsellors or mindfulness practitioners either at our Ashton or Glossop office, dependent on which one you have chosen. The number of sessions you have will then be reviewed and agreed with your counsellor.

What happens during the sessions?

What happens during the sessions?This depends on what you want to talk about.


Most people come to us because they are experiencing a problem they want to talk through. Our counsellors won’t force you to talk about something you don’t want.


We’re not here to give you advice, but to help you to look at and understand issues in ways that help you to make your own choices, reach your own decisions and to act on them in a way that feels right for you

How long does counselling last?

The counselling sessions last for 50 minutes, at the same time each week; unless you tell us that you us you’re on holiday or can’t make it for some sessions.


Your counsellor will talk to you more about this and plan your sessions around the breaks you need.

Will counselling work for me?

Will counselling work for me?Some people feel an immediate sense of relief when they begin counselling.


Other people may initially feel more anxious or distressed when they start because they have to pay attention to difficult feelings that, in some way, they would prefer to ignore. In this situation, they may feel worse before they feel better.


It’s always best to share any concerns you have with the counsellor about how you are reacting to counselling.

What happens when the counselling is finished?

Hopefully by the time your counselling sessions are finished, you'll notice an improvement in your mental health.

Sometimes, you may need more help.

In which case we may be able to refer you to other services.

I need help now!