The Executive Committee are both the Trustees of the Charity and the Directors of the Company (of the same name) and form the legal body that is responsible for ensuring that the organisation delivers its charitable objectives, its available finances, and acts within the law. On a day to day basis these responsibilities are delegated to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).


The Executive Committee are all volunteers and as such receive no renumeration of any kind for their work. As a Committee they reflect a wide range of skills and expertise in the areas of health, social care, education, and business.


If you are interested in becoming a Trustee or would like more information, please contact Jenny Higson, CEO, at jenny [at] (subject: Trustee%20Inquiry) .

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Cheryl Eastwood - Chair

Cheryl Eastwood - Chair

I am the chair of Tameside Oldham and Glossop Mind.


I am now retired from full-time work but have been involved in children’s services, mostly in local authorities but also in the voluntary sector, for 40 years. I worked in children’s homes, with young offenders and in child protection, and spent 25 years as a manager, including posts at senior management level. The impact of mental health issues on children is huge, so it’s great to have an opportunity to do something about it with Mind.


Half of my career was spent working for Oldham and Tameside Councils and I live in Saddleworth so know the area well. Politics was a big part of my life before having children and I was a member of Tameside Council for 4 years in the eighties.


My hobbies take up lots of time now. I love golf, football, music, gardening, drawing, painting and travel and still can’t survive without my diary!

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David Hutton - Treasurer

David Hutton - TreasurerI am David Hutton, Treasurer of the Tameside, Oldham and Glossop Mind. I have been a committee member since 2009 and was pleased to be asked to join the organisation at a time that it was celebrating success and planning further expansion.


I have been a Design Technology teacher since leaving Loughborough University in 1969, becoming a Head of Department and School Manager where I lead a team and was responsible for developing and delivering a large section of the curriculum. I was also the School’s Examinations Officer. I have been involved in teacher training initiatives, student mentoring programmes, all aspects of staff development and recruitment, school – workplace liaison placements for both staff and students and advising architects and school managers during large scale school building renovation and redesign projects. Since the local management of schools, I have also been involved in all aspects of managing and monitoring school budgets.


I finished full time teaching in 2003 and have since had more time to devote to my particular interest in renovation and construction where I have been able to enjoy undertaking and managing a series of domestic renovation projects.


I am delighted to be able to offer my time to the organisation and support the valuable work that is being done by such a team of dedicated staff and volunteers.

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Bob Mercer - Trustee

Bob Mercer - Trustee

I am Bob Mercer,  I have been on the committee for many years and am proud to have seen all the amazing things the organisation is achieving.


My training started as a cadet nurse in 1969 in a 3,500 bedded psychiatric hospital and I have worked in mental health services ever since. Really, however, I started to learn about mental health several years later as a community nurse specialist. I developed an interest in behavioural and family therapy and trained in group analytic psychotherapy. I ran many clinical training courses for CPNs and was the General Secretary of the National CPN Association.


I have held a wide range of senior management positions in both the NHS and Local Authorities and after retiring from full time work, acted as an independent consultant for a number of years, supporting health and social care organisations in their strategic development.


In what spare time I have, I sit on a variety of committees but love to relax playing classical and folk guitar (fairly badly), cooking (moderately well), eating (better), playing bridge (too seriously) and climbing mountains (slowly).


I am passionate about the work we are doing at Mind and feel very fortunate to be associated with such a fantastic bunch of managers, staff and volunteers.

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Lynn Jones - Trustee

Lynn Jones - Trustee

My name is Lynn Jones and I have been on the Executive Committee / Board of Trustees of Tameside, Oldham and Glossop Mind for very many years.


My involvement with Tameside, Oldham and Glossop Mind, however, goes back over 25 years to the somewhat dilapidated centre by the old Fire Station, when I was first asked to teach a Basic English and Maths class to any Day Centre users who wished to attend. This was as part of my job as a Basic Skills (Skills for Life) tutor for Tameside College. Over the years my role and title changed many times but I always retained a teaching element, working with adults to help them to develop the skills that enabled them to take more control over their own lives.


My particular interest in the field of mental health led me to teach and later give Educational Advice in the secure unit at Tameside and Glossop General Hospital as well as at a number of voluntary as well as statutory agencies in Tameside, again including Tameside, Oldham and Glossop Mind. Throughout my career at Tameside College I retained an advocacy role for people with mental ill health culminating in my post prior to recent retirement from the College’s Disability Equality Officer.


For the past 23 years I have had ME and have first-hand experience of the negative and sometimes hostile attitudes shown to people with a non-visible illness.

I have always found great solace in reading and am can regularly to be found scouring Ashton Library shelves. I am also gaining increasing pleasure from pottering in my garden, the Tameside, Oldham and Glossop Mind Allotment Project has helped foster this!


I have met and worked with some wonderful people over the years and it is a pleasure and a privilege to still be in close contact with some of the very best, who are found here at Tameside, Oldham and Glossop Mind.

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Matthew Hall - Trustee

Matthew Hall - TrusteeI worked for twenty years for a large multi-national electrical engineering company as a mechanical fitter and as a joint convenor within trade unions as well as being Chair of the company’s Health and Safety Committee. I have gained a lot of experience in management, employee relationships and have a good understanding of how businesses work in a competitive environment.


I left engineering in 2001 to undertake a Social Work degree at the University of Salford. I came to Tameside Oldham and Glossop Mind in 2002 as a Social Work student and have worked in all areas of the organisation as a student, developing a good understanding of the role of Tameside, Oldham and Glossop Mind and Topaz cafe within the local area. I became a member of the Executive Committee in 2004, and took the role of Honourable Secretary for several years.


I have had an active role in the changes and development of the current organisation and I am proud to have an involvement in an organisation that has a positive impact in the communities it provides for.


I currently work for Tameside MBC Social Services supporting people with learning disabilities living in their own homes.

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Vicki Murcott - Trustee

Vicki Murcott - TrusteeMy name is Vicki Murcott. I joined Mind as a trustee in early 2015 and am excited to be working with such an enthusiastic and dedicated team. For 10 years, up until 2013, I worked for a private North West-based business providing bespoke IT platforms to social housing and social care providers across the UK. Since 2013, I have completed an MSc in Marketing and started work as a freelance marketeer. I also continue to work with a number of social housing providers supporting their business planning processes and undertaking commercial projects for their Boards.


My interest in supporting Mind stems from my belief that mental health issues in young people are essential to underpinning strong, healthy communities and that more work, such as the programmes offered by TOG Mind, needs to be carried out in this area.


In my spare time, I love tramping across the Pennines with my dog, running, cycling and generally enjoying the outdoors.

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