Fundraising TipsGetting the word out about the wide range of services TOG Mind provide and the difference we make to the lives of local people with mental health issues is central to our success! Fundraising is key to ensuring we provide fun events throughout the local community and businesses.


Successful events lead to more supporters and increased unrestricted income to help us develop new services for local people in need.


We love getting involved with passionate and organised individuals and groups who are keen to use their skills to help raise vital funds for mental health services in their local community. So, if you think you, your group or workplace are well placed to take on a challenge or put on an event and offer additional support to TOG Mind then find out some more advice below and check out our specific site pages for Event, Challenges or Sponsored Activities!


Our Key Top Tips
  • Whether you are holding an event or taking part in a challenge, set yourself a target! Having a goal to work towards can encourage you and give cause for celebration when you absolutely smash it. It also allows your friends and family to see how close you are and potentially donate those couple of extra £’s to help you reach your goal!

  • If you’re putting on an event, recruit the help of a few people if you can! Having a few people in the team can help minimise the risk of forgetting anything. Don’t forget you also have TOG Minds top team of organisers to call on if you need any advice.

  • Remember to look for the talents in your team and play to your strengths – organising an event should be fun and a good opportunity to get to know each other better!

  • Look to time your events to coincide with major national events such as Halloween, National Mental Health Day or a sporting event like Wimbledon – people will be more likely to get on board and donate at these times!

  • When you have selected your chosen events and created a calendar, tell the team at TOG Mind! We can offer support with: organisation of events; provide collection buckets and get you TOG Mind t-shirts.

What we can offer

We love to work with individuals or groups that want to get involved, challenge themselves and fundraise for TOG Mind. As such we provide a wide variety of support including:

  • Helping to write pitches and producing social media content for promoting your challenge you are taking part in

  • Assistance in promoting you through our media channels, contacts, social media, newspapers and radio

  • Helping to set an achievable target to work towards

  • Attending regular meetings to offer advice and suggestions

  • Providing merchandise and other support for any relevant events or activities, e.g. donation buckets and t-shirts

  • Attending your challenge, wherever possible, to represent TOG Mind and provide support on the day

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