Youth in Mind offer a variety of different therapeutic groups for children and young people. The groups we offer can vary depending on where you access. When you attend a drop-in appointment, your practitioner will let you know which groups are available at that hub.

Each groups is made up of one 60 minute session per week for 4 weeks, and each aims to help you learn about different mental health issues by discussing and sharing experiences within a group of up to 8 young people.


Like our Coaching pathway, we class our therapeutic groups as “guided self-help”, which means that all young people who attend have a responsibility to try new tools and techniques in between sessions. Young people who attend groups also have the responsibility to contribute to group discussions and activities in a productive way, which helps create a therapeutic environment in which we all learn and grow from the experiences of each other.


We offer both junior (8 - 12) and senior (13 - 18) groups to ensure that young people are working with others their own age.

Please see below for details of our groups:

Groups we offer:

In these groups you will explore the triggers, symptoms and coping strategies to help manage your feelings in an effective and productive way through activities and discussion. Emphasis is put on sharing experiences and exploring alternatives together in a non-judgemental environment where we can learn and reflect with the help of a practitioner.


Our group consist of one 60-minute session a week for 4 weeks. The groups have capacity for up to 8 young people with one practitioner.

  • Anger

  • Anxiety

  • Resilience (Bee Resilient)

  • Social Skills (Building Skills - LEGO based)

Please note: To access this group you will need to attend a walk-in session first.


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