Families in MindFamilies in Mind is a service for the whole family to access together whether that be as an individual family unit or alongside other families with similar difficulties. Families can work on communication skills, reducing conflicts increasing family connections and strengths. This service available for residents of both Oldham and Tameside.


There are a range of services that can be provided to the family, these can include those listed below:


Family Solutions

Family solutions is a low level guided self-help service for families. Your family will work with a practitioner in a safe confidential environment to explore issues, set goals and build on your current strengths. The sessions are an hour long for up to eight weeks. The main area of focus for these sessions can be improving communication, reducing conflict, building strengths and understanding roles; however these session can be flexible to meet your family needs


To access this service your family will first need to attend a family assessment, this will help us to get a better idea as to the type of support that your are wanting as well as making sure that you are referred to the most appropriate services.

All families will need to attend a family assessment. The appointment will last approx. 1 hour and will be with one of our family practitioners; it is an opportunity for your family to share the things they have been struggling with recently and explore the different services that we have on offer. Following the appointment your family will then be placed on waiting list for the service that you have chosen to access.


Family assessments are available at various points throughout the week.
If you would like to book one please call us on 0161 330 9223 or email us at familiesinmind [at] togmind.org.

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