Families in Mind

Welcome to Families in Mind, a mental health and wellbeing service for the whole family. A service designed to support families to work together to overcome moderate conflict and/or challenges.


Our aim is to empower families: with the right tools and knowledge you can enhance your communication; strengthen your relationships; and find constructive ways to manage conflicts. 


We carefully match your family's unique needs with the most suitable practitioners, ensuring that you receive personalised support, specifically tailored to your situation. Focus will be on your family’s strengths. Through a confidential, non-judgmental, and compassionate approach we will guide you through ‘Family Solutions,’ so that you can reach a successful resolution. At TOG Mind we prioritise the well-being of your family. 


Next Steps:

If you feel Families in Mind will benefit your family, then please register your interest by clicking here or simply email familiesinmind [at] togmind.org and request a referral form and/or more information.


We are always happy to help! 


Initial Session:

When you have reached the top of the waiting list a practitioner will contact you to book you in for your families first initial session. During this time you will get to know each other and explore with the practitioner if Families in Mind is the right service for you. 


A graphic design tree, featuring various staff members from our services as if they were leaves on our family tree.Family Solutions:

If your family wishes to move onto Family Solutions this will mean attending 1 x weekly session for up to 8 weeks. Activities are designed around helping your family achieve a shared goal.

We can support your family with:

  • Communication

  • Working Together

  • Conflict

  • Resilience

  • Family Roles

  • Connection

  • Boundaries

We help provide a safe place for your family to work together to build stronger relationships and re-connect. 

Strengthening Relationships Training

Are you parents / carers that live together? Blended family or co-parenting? Want to improve your parenting relationship?

If you do - this course is for you!

  1. How conflicts arise and dealing with them

  2. Relationship development

  3. Reflecting on behaviour

  4. Understanding feelings

  5. Helpful and harmful conversations

Working with Amity and Tameside Council, running through the year (Term time).

Call 0161 330 9223, email familiesinmind [at] togmind.org, for more info or to book your place.

If you wish to learn more about our service, please get in touch by emailing us at familiesinmind [at] togmind.org, or calling us on 0161 330 9223 and asking about our "Families in Mind" service.


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