Great News! St George’s CE Primary School, Mossley are the latest Tameside school to have achieved the AcSEED Award

The AcSEED Award is presented to schools that meet the AcSEED criteria for emotional wellbeing and mental health support.


In order to achieve the Award, schools are required to evidence wellbeing support and provision across an extensive set of criterial including Emotional Wellbeing Education, Working With Parents and Leadership and Management.  

In their observations AcSEED highlighted areas in the application that they were particularly impressed with, these included:

  1. Working with TOG MIND.
  2. Governor Pastoral Committee.
  3. Behaviour Policy.
  4. Peer Massage.
  5. Mindfulness sessions.
  6. TOG Mind mental health training for Y6 leaders.
  7. Support display.
  8. Meetings in family home with learning mentor.
  9. Play/Art/Lego therapy.
  10. Number of Staff accredited with Youth Mental Health First Aid Award.

At TOG Mind we would like to offer our congratulations to all at St George’s in achieving this award. It is testament to your hard work and commitment to looking after the wellbeing of the children, staff and wider community linked to your school.


For further information about the AcSEED Award and how to apply please contact Ali Sparkes, email: alisparkes [at]


News Date: 
Wednesday, 10 June 2020

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