December 28th - Day 4On the 4th Day of Christmas, the gift we give to thee; 5 WAYS TO WELLBEING!

“Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Learn, Give.”


These 'Ways to Wellbeing' have been researched and developed by the New Economics Foundation.


Connect: Not just with your family or friends, your neighbour or your pets count too. Individuals put a lot of pressure on themselves to socialise but just popping to see your next door neighbour or giving your dog a cuddle on the sofa can contribute towards improving your feelings of loneliness or isolation. TOG Mind are part of the national Time To Change campaign that is encouraging individuals to 'Be There For Your Mate'. If your mate is acting differently; listen, don’t judge.


Be Active: In Tameside we are lucky to benefit from a lot of exercise and activity sessions. However, being active could simply mean taking a walk in the wintery weather and getting some fresh air. There is a possibility to over-indulge on food and alcohol but staying active can help you avoid getting stuck in that rut.


Take Notice: Rather than focusing on the dark nights drawing in, turn your attention to notice how the snow looks along your street or how pretty the Christmas lights can be.


Learn: It could be as simple as trying out a new recipe over the festive season.


Give: Not just presents, but your time. Individuals get swept up in the rush of shopping for that perfect present, but often the best present could just be spending time with someone who you care about. (This can also help to reduce feelings of anxiety or stress about financial worries, taking the pressure off purchasing expensive presents).


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