Connect 5Connect 5 is a three day mental health training programme designed to increase confidence and core skills so that you can be more effective in having conversations about mental health and wellbeing.


The focus of this course is to enable you to feel more skilled in working collaboratively with individual adults so that you can help improve their wellbeing.


Our Early Intervention Service is for young people who might be struggling to cope with different difficulties or issues in their lives, such as anger, worry, feeling down or lacking in confidence.


The Hive is a safe space for young peoples, where they can attend a range of activities to support young people who may be struggling with different issues or for those who want to get involved in groups as part of their local community.


Solution Focussed Therapy helps children to look at ways of solving and breaking down their problems or issues into more manageable chunks. It helps them to focus on solutions such as ‘what do you need to happen’ as well as building on what is going well. Solution Focussed Therapy helps children and young people with coping strategies that they can take forward for the future, building life skills.


The Hive is a safe space for children & young peoples to come and get involved in activities or access some help for issues or problems in their lives. Young people can also access The Hive if they want to get meet other young people from their local community.


Bespoke TrainingTameside, Oldham and Glossop Mind have a long history of delivering a variety of training, workshops, and accredited courses such as Mental Health First Aid.


However we are also aware that each organisation has varying needs and sometimes require more bespoke training.

Mental Health First Aid - Adults Adults Refresher 

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