Early InterventionOur Early Intervention Service is for young people who might be struggling to cope with different difficulties or issues in their lives, such as anger, worry, feeling down or lacking in confidence.


We can all sometimes start to worry more, start feeling sad or upset more than usual, start feeling angry or just feel bad about ourselves; this can be because of an upsetting event in our lives or can happen for no reason at all.


The aim is to support you to understand more about whatever issue you are dealing with and provide you with ways of coping with what is happening. Early Intervention is about helping you to help yourself.


To be able to attend Early Intervention you will need to attend a Drop-in or Sort-it session first.

Age groups: 
When and where?

The Hive service is open to people who live or go to school in Tameside or Glossop.


Early Intervention appointments are available at The Hive on Wednesday evenings between 4pm - 7:30pm.


You can find us at:

Tameside Oldham and Glossop Mind

216-218 Katherine Street



To come to our Oldham service you need to live or go to school in Oldham.


Early Intervention appointments are available at our Oldham Service on Thursday evenings between 4pm - 7:30pm.


You can find us at:

Tameside, Oldham and Glossop Mind

Medtia Place

80 Union Street



To come to #Thrive you need to live or go to school in Heywood, Middleton or Rochdale.


Early Intervention appointments are available at #Thrive on Monday-Saturday between 10am - 5:30pm.


You can find us at:

Around the Corner

48-50 Drake Street


OL16 1NZ

What will happen?

You will have a 20 minute appointment on the same day and time each week, for 5 - 6 weeks, with the same worker. 


They will explore what issues or difficulty you are dealing with and will try to support you to learn skills or tools to help you cope better. This might include teaching you relaxation techniques, exploring your thoughts and feelings and how you can manage these or encouraging you to use different distraction techniques.


You will complete different activities and worksheets within the sessions and will be encouraged to completed activities or worksheets at home too.

Who should I bring with me?

Any young person under 13 years old will need permission from their parent or carer to attend Early Intervention. 


  • Your parent or carer will need to bring you to your sessions but they will be asked to let you come into the session on your own, if you feel comfortable to. 


The reason we ask this is to make sure someone is aware you are accessing support from us and so we can work together to keep you safe whilst you are here and when you leave.


For anyone 13 years old or above you are able to access Early Intervention sessions without parent or carer permission, however please be aware should we feel that you or another person may be in danger we would need to discuss this with either your parent or carer, or another agency.


We might also ask you to complete a ‘Getting Home Safe’ form at your first sessions so we know you are safe when you leave us.

Who do I contact?

At your Drop-in or Sort-it session, you will be able to speak to your worker about Early Intervention. If you both agree it may be useful for you they will pass your details on to a member of staff who will contact you or your parent or carer to arrange your first appointment.


For young people under 13 years old they can also ask their parent or carer to call us on 0161 330 9223 to find out more information.

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