Youth in Mind - 14-16 introduction

Good mental health is such an important part to living a happy and fulfilled life. Many of us learn from an early age about how we can physically take care of ourselves but we may not always know how to mentally take care of ourselves.


And although it is normal to have day-to-day ups and downs in life, there are times when we may be thinking, feeling or acting in ways out of the ordinary and this has an impact upon our mental health.


There are lots of different difficulties which you could face in your life which might impact upon your mental health such as relationship breakdowns, difficult or complicated home lives, exam stress or pressure in school, bullying or negative effects of social media.


Learning effective coping techniques can support in being able to maintain good mental health and can allow you to deal with difficult situations better so they do not have a long lasting negative impact upon you.


Tameside, Oldham and Glossop Mind offers support to young people who may be struggling with wellbeing or mental health issues so you can address concerns sooner rather than later and get back to feeling mentally well.

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