Full Day (SFAUSI) Half Day (SFA lite)


Suicide First Aid was first designed and has developed as a one day suicide prevention programme since 2002. From inception it has evolved into an internationally assured, short educational course, covering 7 hours of tutor-lead, interactive learning.

Our suicide first aid courses combine knowledge and skills-based learning to provide you with the lifesaving skills needed to help someone who is thinking of killing themselves to consider their options and stay safe.


Both our full day and half day courses are:

A Recognised Qualification: the UKs only national qualification in suicide prevention accredited by City and Guilds.

Quality Assured: rigorous externally moderated assessment by City and Guilds

Evidence Based: the gold standard in suicide prevention training. Independent evaluations of SFAUSI show significantly increased confidence and reduced anxiety in dealing with suicide.

Adaptable: course content can be adapted to meet the cultural needs of different sectors and communities whilst meeting the stringent learning outcomes.

Flexible: all SFA programmes can be delivered online or face to face. Ensuring everyone can safely access these vital skills.


To book a course or to find out more please email melkelly [at] togmind.org.


Learning Outcomes:
  • Suicide behaviour; reasons and magnitude of the community health problem.

  • Role of the carer in managing suicide interventions; different roles with different people

  • Understand approaches and process of suicide intervention including desired outcomes

  • Understand the importance of self-reflection and personal impact when working with suicide and people at risk

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