Our experienced training team are here to support you. Whether you need help creating a tailor-made training course specific for your organisation, or if you just want to check whether a course is suitable for you, we're here to help. 

If you would like to contact us you can email us at training [at] togmind.org or phone our main office on 0161 330 9223 and ask to speak to Mel, James, Jason or Sam. One of us will always be on hand to answer any queries you might have. At busy times, it may take us a little while to respond but we will always get back to you. If you require an urgent response from us, please phone us and let the access team know your request is urgent. 




Safety Information

Our training sessions may touch on topics that participants can find difficult. Whilst most of our participants find our sessions to be informative and enjoyable, there may be times when discussion points can evoke strong emotions and could leave participants feeling upset.


We offer all participants the opportunity to opt out of any activities during the duration of the session and the option to temporarily leave the room for a short time or can accommodate participants to leave the course early should they decide the training isn’t for them.


If you are unsure whether the content of the training may be difficult for you at this time, please feel free to email training [at] togmind.org to discuss the nature of the training and any accommodations we could make for you, however we would leave the decision of whether this course is suitable at this time down to the individual.

Necessary Adjustments

If you have any additional requirements please can you email melkelly [at] togmind.org (t)raining [at] togmind.org stating which workshop you are attending and which additional requirements you need. 


To ensure that you can take part in the workshop as intended we need to know if you need any adjustments such as: large font handouts, handouts on specific coloured paper, a seat near the front, a seat near a power socket, wheelchair access, slides prior to the session so you can use a text to speech reader, breaks at a particular time to accommodate a medical condition and any other reasonable adjustments which might be necessary. 


Please let us know about any adjustments at the time of registering as it may take a few days to meet the requirements (printing, etc). 

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