At TOG Mind we know how important it is to get the right training for the right people. We also know that at times our accredited or ready-made courses might not meet all your learning outcomes. That's why we also offer our tailor-made mental health training service. With our tailor-made training we can work with you to design a completely custom and unique session where you decide what's important to your learners.


It can be daunting to know where to begin when there are so many options and decisions to be made but don't worry, our training team are here to help you every step of the way. Whether you're a seasoned pro with a clear vision or only have a rough idea of what might be needed, we can bring your training to life.


We've created a handy step-by-step process so you can see how easy it is to have us develop a tailor-made training course especially for you. 


First you'll need to choose your topics. If you're not sure what you might like to include you can visit our topics page below to see some suggestions. These are based on training we've delivered previously but there are no limits to what we can create for you. If you're after something different, arrange a meeting with us and we'll happily disucss how we can deliver this. You'll also need to choose your timings. We can deliver training anywhere from 1 hour up to several days or weeks of training. Visit our timings page below to see how different timings could work for you.


Once you have an idea of the session content and timings, you can book a meeting with our dedicated training team. We're here to talk through your ideas, concerns and expectations for training. This meeting gives us a chance to get to know you and your delegates and helps us to create your quote. We create quotes based on creation time, delivery time, group size and whether any resources are needed such as workbooks, room hire and refreshments. As a non-profit organisation all income generated from training is invested back in to our charity and supports the work we do. When you book training with us, you're not helping line the pockets of a rich businessman, you're helping support your local community towards better mental health, which could benefit your friends, family and even yourself. 


Once you're happy with your quote, we can reserve your training dates. We'll also send you your very own private booking link hosted on our website where we can track attendees and send them updates and reminders about the training, as well as a course flyer to help you promote the training. To help us create the best training for you, we'll send you a training analysis for you to complete. This lets us know a bit about your organisation, the delegates who'll be attending, and helps us ensure the training is pitched at the right level. You can also let us know the types of actiivties you want to include such as case studies, skills practice or some experietial learning. Finally, a few weeks before your training, we'll send your delegates a quick survey to complete so we can ensure we're prepared for all learners. 


Each tailor-made training course comes with a range of benefits and value added perks. To find out what else is included with our training packages visit the added benefits page below. 


 Tailor-Made Training: Choose Your Topics Tailor-Made Training: Decide Your Timings Tailor-Made Training: Consult Our Team 
 Tailor-Made Training: Book Your Training Tailor-Made Training: Training Benefits 


Who is the training for?

Our tailor-made training courses are created with you not for you, therefore absolutley anyone can book a tailor-made training course. Previously we've created training courses for businesses, community groups, volunteers, charities, schools and colleges. 


We can also arrange your training to be delivered several times to different groups. This works well for organisations who would like to train senior leadership, managers and front line staff but would like a slight variation on the training to make it relevent to the staff. 


Organisations we've worked with include:


Greater Manchester Police Jigsaw Homes Citizens Advice

Delivery method

We can deliver our tailor-made training courses online or face-to-face.

Online training

Traditionally we deliver our online training via zoom or teams. We could potentially deliver on a different online platform providing our trainers are able to access the platform externally and that the functionality of the platform meets the needs of the training, such as screen sharing, whiteboards and breakout groups. 

Our training courses are usually delivered to between 8 and 16 people. For online training we can accomodate slightly larger groups. Please mention this in your chat with our team so we can provide you with an accurate quote. 

Face to face training

Training courses can be delivered either at our Ashton office or at a venue of your choice.

If you would like us to deliver at your venue choice, we would need access to a projector, speakers and flipchart. 

We usually accomodate groups of between 8 and 16 people. Slightly larger groups can be accomodated although we would need to provide an additional member of staff to support in training delivery. Please mention this in your chat with our team so we can provide you with an accurate quote. 

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