Perinatal Mental Health WorkshopsTameside, Oldham and Glossop Mind now run free, 1 hour interactive workshops at a variety of local community venues in Oldham to raise awareness of perinatal mental health.

What is Perinatal Mental Health?

Perinatal comes from the words Peri’ – meaning ‘around’ and ‘Natal’ – meaning ‘birth’.


Our workshops are designed for new parents, friends or family members of new parents, professionals working with babies and new mums or anyone who is just interested in mental health in new families.


The workshop covers mental health problems that occur in adults during pregnancy and up to 12 months after the birth. 


The aim of the workshop is to encourage discussion and to direct people to relevant support services. 


Who is the course for?

The workshop is for Oldham residents who are new or expectant parents, or those wanting to provide informal support to new parents, such as friends or family.


We also offer a 1 hour workshop for professionals working in Oldham interested in increasing their confidence and understanding around perinatal mental health.

What will the workshop cover?

What will the workshop cover?The workshop will cover the following areas:

  • Understanding the impact of media images for parents

  • Understanding the difference between baby blues and perinatal mental health issues

  • Understanding what perinatal mental health is

  • Recognising the signs of perinatal mental health

  • Challenging stigma around mental health

  • Signposting where to go for help with Perinatal Mental Health issues

How do I book onto a workshop?

Please contact training [at] (subject: Perinatal%20Workshops%20Enquiry) for public workshop dates and venues.


We are happy to come to your community group or workplace as long as there is a minimum of 6 people attending.

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