We are pleased to introduce our range of mental health workshops. These are standalone sessions which aim to give an in-depth introduction to a variety of mental health conditions and wellbeing models.  Designed with the learner in mind, these workshops are perfect no matter where you are on your mental health knowledge journey.


What will I learn?

The workshops will help you to have more confidence in talking about mental health, improve your understanding of mental health stigma, develop your awareness of different types of mental health conditions, and provide you with tools for supporting conversations about mental health and where to signpost for further support. These workshops are great to add on to the knowledge already learnt on our Mental Health First Aid and Connect 5 courses. Our workshops also use digital technology to make access to our resources as easy as possible.


Are these workshops for me?

These workshops are ideal for anyone who would like to increase their knowledge of mental health in an interactive training session. We also have CPD targeted sessions which are perfect for those in a public facing role in either a paid or voluntary capacity. They are designed for those wishing to increase their understanding of issues that might be faced by clients, customers and visiting members of the public.


What type of role would the CPD workshops suit?

These workshops are ideal for those in roles such as: counsellors, primary care, faith leaders, care workers, justice and rehabilitation, teachers, social care, IAPT, housing, social enterprise, third sector, pastoral, and education support services.


How much do these workshops cost?

Our workshops cost just £15 per person.


Deep Dive into Anxiety

Would you like to learn more about anxiety and why we experience it? Most levels of anxiety are normal, but what happens when we are experiencing anxiety all the time?


Our half day workshop will develop your knowledge surrounding anxiety, including looking at some of the causes. By understanding what can trigger anxiety, you can learn how to support those going through it. We will also explore some techniques to help manage anxiety which can be used in our personal and professional lives.

Deep Dive into Psychosis

Would you know the signs that someone is experiencing a psychotic episode? Our workshop is to develop your knowledge of the stigma surrounding psychosis and explores how psychosis can lead to other mental health conditions such as schizophrenia and bipolar.

Suicide and Self-Harm Awareness

Suicide is the leading cause of death among young people aged 20-34 in the UK.


This workshop uses powerful audio-visual learning aids along with a variety of teaching and learning styles to explore the myths, causes and warning signs of suicide. We will also touch on some of the historical and cultural attitudes which can impact a person experiencing suicidal distress. Develop your own knowledge of why people experience mental distress, and the conditions that can lead to suicidal ideation and someone taking their own life.


Discover the importance of safety planning and how this can help support individuals experiencing crisis.


To many of us self-harm is a sensitive subject. When we remove the myths and misunderstanding surround self-harm we can learn how to support those who are engaging in self-harming behaviours in a non-judgemental way. Develop practical strategies to boost resilience which will enable you to provide effective support to those who need it.

Deep Dive into Anxiety Disorders

Develop your knowledge of different anxiety disorders including Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Eating Disorders and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. Develop you understanding of how these conditions can effect someone day-to-day and what signs and symptoms might be present in someone experiencing an anxiety disorder.

Deep Dive into Stress and Mindfulness

Would you like to develop your resilience? Learn how to increase our resilience levels by minimising our stress and increasing our mindfulness skills.


This workshop will help learners better understand and manage their own stress. Develop an understanding of what stress is and how this can manifest itself in physical and emotional symptoms. Explore the causes of stress and why people are affected in different way. Identify factors that can trigger a period of poor mental health and use resources, tools and activities to stay well and help prevent stress, including developing a personal plan to manage our own stress levels. Learn the foundational skill of mindfulness and how these could benefit your own life in a way that really makes a difference.

Deep Dive into Sleep and Diet

Have you heard of sleep hygiene? This is a variety of different practices and habits that are necessary to have a good night’s sleep and to experience full daytime alertness.


Our workshop aims to improve resilience and mental wellbeing through better sleep and diet. Resilient people cope better with adversity and are more likely to continue performing well when faced with challenges, as well as being better able to maintain their mental wellbeing – making good sleep and diet so important. Knowing what foods we should be eating can be quite confusing, however, evidence suggests that as well as affecting our physical health, what we eat may also affect the way we feel. This workshop will help to explore the science behind good mood food and how eating better can get us feeling better.

Deep Dive into Perinatal Mental Health

Did you know that it is common for new mothers to suffer from postnatal mental illness, but only half receive the treatment they need. This workshop aims to develop your understanding of the different mental health conditions that can come along with being pregnant, giving birth or having a baby – this means dads too. Currently health professionals are not funded to give new mums a six week check-up (which would include mental health).


Develop your knowledge of what signs to look out for when experiencing a perinatal mental health condition and develop your skills in providing help and support to anyone who is pregnant, has been pregnant recently or just welcomed a new baby into the home.

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