We are pleased to introduce our new mental health series. This is a series of six in-depth workshops which aim to take your knowledge and awareness to the next level, and covers a whole host of topics from anxiety to self-harm to coaching. There is something for everyone.


Designed with the learner in mind, this training is perfect no matter where you are on your mental health knowledge journey. Use these workshops to:

  • Add-on to the knowledge learnt on Mental Health First Aid and Connect 5.

  • Complement your psychology or counselling studies.

  • Develop your own skills and understanding.

  • Apply this learning to your personal or professional situation.


Session 1 is free and each of the following sessions costs just £15 per person.


Make sure to book a place now as spaces will fill up fast.

We only have 16 spaces per course, so register now to avoid disappointment.


Session 1 – Anxiety

The course will raise awareness about anxiety and will cover:

  • What is anxiety

  • Causes of anxiety

  • Effects of anxiety

  • Techniques to manage anxiety

Session 2 – Psychosis

The course will raise awareness about psychosis and will cover:

  • What is psychosis

  • Stigma surrounding psychosis

  • Symptoms of psychosis

  • Causes of psychosis

  • Risk factors for psychosis

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Schizophrenia

Session 3 – Depression, Suicide, and Self-harm

The course will raise awareness about depression, suicide, and self-harm; and will cover:

  • What is depression

  • Causes of depression

  • Diagnosis of depression

  • Symptoms of depression

  • Suicidal feelings

  • Suicidal risk and warning signs

  • Safety planning

  • Self-harm

Session 4 – Anxiety Disorders

The course will raise awareness about various anxiety disorders and will cover:

  • What is OCD

  • Diagnosis and treatment of OCD

  • Eating disorders symptoms and causes

  • PTSD

Session 5 – Resilience & Mindfulness

The course will raise awareness about resilience and mindfulness and will cover:

  • Wellbeing

  • The 4 C's of resilience

  • Practical ways to improve resilience

  • 5 ways to wellbeing

  • Mindfulness introduction

  • Mindfulness practice

Session 6 – Coaching

The course will raise awareness about coaching individuals and using the five areas model for conversations concerning mental health.

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