Drop-InAs part of our guided wellbeing services, we have 20 minute one to one sessions available for you to discuss any issues you might be dealing with, assess levels of support required, and find out about options for accessing a range of local community and NHS services.


Our drop in sessions can be the first rung on the ladder to getting the well-being support you need, at the right time and in the right place.


Drop-in Sessions can be accessed in a broad range of locations across Oldham including GP practises and various community venues. We try to make it as easy as possible for people to get the support they need at the right time and local to them.


Sarah's story

Sarah's story Sarah* attended a Drop-in at their GP surgery after experiencing a panic attack at work. Having spoken to her GP about anti-depressants, Sarah chose to first explore an alternative option.


During our appointment she discussed her thoughts and feelings at that moment, and we talked about what she hoped to gain from therapy.


After hearing the various services available, Sarah chose Healthy Minds as her first option. We then completed the necessary paperwork during the Drop-in and referred her the same day.


(image for illustative purposes only, *name changed for anonymity)

Amira's Story

Amira's StoryAmira* attended the drop-in appointment with symptoms of depression and anxiety.


Her partner had emotionally and verbally abused her which led to her moving to Oldham to escape him. His behaviour resulted in her having difficulties in trusting new people and having low self-esteem, fear, and nerves. We discussed the different types of talking therapies and services available. 


Amira felt she would benefit from learning coping techniques to help her deal with her past relationship and also to manage her worries and increase her self-esteem.


She chose to do the Active Monitoring service due to feeling very comfortable with us, and because she liked the idea of the guided self-help service.

(image for illustative purposes only, *name changed for anonymity)


You can find out more information about our drop in sessions by speaking to our team. Our contact details are available at the following link:

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