Community Resilience


Life can be a rollercoaster with many ups and downs. We all go through different challenges and changes in our lives. Sometimes things can really knock us down.




But the more you build up your inner strength, the better you can deal with these set-backs, the easier it will become for you to pick yourself up. Resilience can be learned and developed just like looking after your physical health by keeping fit. By learning resilience and inner-strength. You can strengthen your emotional wellbeing and avoid mental health problems. 


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What will I learn?

What will I learn?As part of this new project we offer a range of activities where you can learn skills to build this inner strength and help you if things ever get tough.


Our aim is to develop resilience across the whole community, so you will also learn how to share your knowledge with others.


In our workshops you will learn several things such as self-awareness, thinking strategies, and other practical tips. You will be able to build your very own personal resilience tool-kit.

Tameside Resilience Workshops

Ready to sign up? We offer free 2.5 hour workshops to groups and organisations in Tameside. We also offer public sessions that happen on a regular basis.


You can also become Resilience Ambassadors. Ambassadors can pledge to spread awareness about resilience and access further information as well as access more in-depth training.


We also have limited spaces for Resilience Ambassadors to do the Community Mental Health Work course (C&Gs accredited, level 2) for free.

More information available here. 

Oldham Resilience Workshops

If you are interested we offer free 2.5 hour workshops to groups in Oldham. We also offer public sessions that happen on a regular basis. People who are interested can also become Resilience Ambassadors, who can pledge to spread awareness about resilience in their communities.


If you are an Oldham Faith Leader who is interested in attending a Faith Leadership Mental Health Awareness Session? Then please contact us and we will confirm the next available date.

Ambassador Network

I pledge toPeople who are keen to get involved further can also become Community Resilience Ambassadors who will continue to spread awareness about resilience as well as share ways to improve wellbeing in their community and everyday life.

If you're interested, click the pledge button or here to sign up.

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