As we countdown to RED January, a great way to build support for yourself and others is to get your local community involved. Forming a local network of REDers can be a fantastic way to stay motivated, helping each other to get active in support of your mental health. Whether it’s chatting to your friends and family or getting the word out to local schools and workplaces, we’ve got a handy 5 step guide to help you on your way.


RED January in Five Easy Steps

1. What is RED January?

It’s a community initiative encouraging people to support their mental health by doing something active every day in January.

If it’s running 5k, or walking to work a new way, a morning swim or just taking the bike for a spin – the choice is yours!


2. Why January?

  • Expensive Christmas? RED is free to take part.

  • RED provides a goal and focus to help you through a characteristically tough month.

  • People can feel isolated and pressured to achieve New Year’s resolutions. RED is a no pressure movement fuelled by community spirit.

  • RED empowers, educates and supports people to start the year as they mean to go on, forming healthy habits to continue beyond January.


3. Helping to support yourself and others.

RED January helps people find the tools to manage and support their own mental health via physical activity.


There’s also the option to support others by fundraising for Mind, RED’s exclusive charity partner. All proceeds will go towards supporting their vital work.


4. Exercising every day might be daunting for some.

Whether you’re planning on swimming lengths, walking 10 mins a day or running 100 miles in the month, RED promotes a flexible exercise schedule that celebrates every achievement, no matter how large or small.


You can scale things up or ease them back, just keep listening to your body. RED experts will be on hand to offer handy tips and advice.


5. Where do I sign up?

Register for FREE at


Registration closes early January 2020, but we suggest signing up early to get the most out of your RED January experience.

To support you on your RED journey join the RED January community today and see the difference it can make to you and others.


Taking part? Add yourself as a fundraiser or donate to our JustGiving page!


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We’ll be with you every step, splash and pedal of the way!

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