Accessing our support has changed a little since we are not able to see children, young people and their families face-to-face at this time. The Hive,Take 5 and Families In Mind staff are working hard to make sure that a version of the ‘drop in’ and family assessments are still available to those who may need help and support now more than ever.


All ’drop ins’ and family assessments will now be telephone appointments, but that will be the only difference. Practitioners will ensure that the same level of support and confidentiality is upheld, and will ensure that the same quality of service is delivered. 


To access a telephone ‘drop in’ for The Hive (Tameside) - Call: 0161 330 9223 - Email: thehive [at]

To access a telephone ‘drop in’ for Take5 (Oldham) - Call: 0161 330 9223 - Email: take5 [at]

To access a family assessment for Families In Mind -  Call:0161 330 9223 - Email: office [at]


The type of support we are currently offering:

  • Telephone Emotional Wellbeing Check
  • Telephone Initial Assessment ‘drop in’- including further referrals or signposting
  • Telephone or Online Early Intervention Support (facilitated Self-Help Model)
  • Telephone or Online Counselling

(Current providing support through telephone and are looking to develop towards web-based support to begin in the coming weeks)


We are currently operating on the following days and times:

  • Monday– Thursday 11am-8pm
  • Friday 10am-5pm

You can discuss the best time for your appointment with your worker.


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News Date: 
Wednesday, 25 March 2020

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