Get Oldham Chatting!

Between Monday 23rd to Sunday 29th July, Oldham will be hosting its first 'Get Oldham Chatting Week'! Between 10am and 12pm Monday to Friday there are ten separate venues offering a Chatter & Natter table which is where customers can sit if they are happy to talk to other customers. Customers sitting on the table will receive a free toasted teacake with the aim of the week to Get Oldham Chatting!


Chatter & Natter Poster

The following venues are taking part:

Please come by between 10am and 12pm to get involved!


There is a good mix of venues so we can bring all kinds of people together; for example, Play Diggle is aimed at people with children who can often feel lonely and isolated. Get Oldham Chatting Week is being run by The Chatty Café Scheme, a local initiative which is now across Britain. All the venues taking part have a regular Chatter & Natter table for customers who fancy a bit of company with their coffee.


For more information about TOG Mind and the services that we offer you can visit our website or you can call 0161 330 9223 where we will be happy to help.


News Date: 
Tuesday, 3 July 2018

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