Our guided one to one self-help or also known as 'Active Monitoring', is with a trained practitioner helping you with coping methods for common issues; e.g. depression, stress, anxiety, confidence, anger, and social isolation.


These are usually offered as five 20 - 40 minute sessions. It’s a friendly and relaxed environment and approach to helping people build a toolkit of options to better support all aspects of their wellbeing.


Our one to one guided support sessions are available across Oldham, providing a range of support and easy access for everyone. These early intervention sessions are designed to support people to move forwards more positively and work on various areas to improve overall wellbeing.


Both professionals and the general public have found the service hugely beneficial.


Doctors say...

 Doctors say..."Since the Active Monitoring service started in our practice it has benefitted many of my patients. They have appreciated the ease of access; I have been able to give them an appointment before they leave me. With the service being located in our surgery patients have not had to travel as far to be seen. Patients have also commented on the particular approach used in Active Monitoring; they have found it helpful in focusing on their specific problems and finding practical solutions to these issues."

--Dr Jeffery, Failsworth Group Practice


"The Active Monitoring service has had a profound effect on the management of our patients with anxiety, panic attacks and mild depressive symptoms who can now be seen, assessed, managed or signposted within the surgery and with no waiting times. I have had excellent feedback from patients who have really benefitted from this service. It is the best in house mental health service we have ever had.”

--Dr Yvonne Williams, Failsworth Group Practice.

Our Clients say...

Our Clients say..."These sessions have come at just the right time in my life. I am extremely grateful for the collaboration between TOG Mind and the NHS, also the provisions and easy access route via GP surgeries."

--David*, one to one Guided Support Sessions

 “What I found most helpful was just being listened to. Simply talking about my problems gave me a different perspective which really helped. The techniques I learned have also improved my quality of life”

--Amy*, one to one Guided Support Sessions


(*Names have been anonymised)


To access our active monitoring sessions you must first come to a drop-in session. This way we can choose together what are the best services available for you.


To access this service you can either call our team or you can go to your GP surgery in Oldham and ask for a referral to our services.

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