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Families in Mind is a service for the whole family to access together. They can work on building resilience as well as developing positive communication and coping strategies. The service is designed for families with low level issues such as:

  • Increased amount of conflict

  • Struggling to share emotions

  • Struggling to cope with difficult situations


The services Families in Mind can offer:

Family Appointment:

To access any of our Families in Mind services you will first need to attend a family appointment. This is a space for you and your family to explore what you have been struggling with recently and identify what you would like help with. Together with a practitioner your family can explore the different service options and choose the service best suited to you.


Family Solutions: 

One family works with one practitioner for up to 8 weeks. The family and the practitioner work together to explore issues, set goals and identify strengths. These sessions can focus on areas such as; reducing conflict, communication skills, identifying family roles and increasing family strengths. Through discussion, activities and games the family will work together to make progress towards their goals.


Families Together: 

A group course with multiple families for 8 weeks. This is a course designed for families struggling with communication, conflicts, emotional wellbeing and resilience. Families have the opportunity to work within their own family unit as well as working with other families who are struggling with similar issues. The course aims to help families improve relationships and wellbeing.


Parents Together and Children Together: 

Group courses will also be available in the future for children and parents to access separately. The courses aim to work on family issues however will allow individuals an opportunity to explore issues without all family members present. The courses will be led by a practitioner, focussing on communication, conflicts and resilience and allowing group members to share experiences with their peers.


If you and your family would like to book an appointment you can call us on 0161 330 9223 or you can get in touch via email at office [at] togmind.org.


We are running this service in:

  • Ashton (216-218 Katherine Street, OL9 7AS)

  • Oldham (19-25 Union Street, OL1 1HA)


The appointments are at various times throughout the week so call us to find a suitable slot.


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