Research Project

Research Project

Do you work in the education sector?

We are currently running a research project at TOG Mind around wellbeing and resilience within the education sector. Too many workers are facing pressures and stressors within their workplace which might affect their mental wellbeing


With increasing demands and high targets, these pressures cannot always be alleviated for most education staff, yet our research has shown that some people have developed tools and strategies to overcome and deal with these stressors effectively.


This bottom-up research project will look into what personal and institutional factors might help towards good wellbeing. We would like to build on these positive elements and learn from you. Rather than assuming anything, we’re conducting open and informal focus groups. We are hoping to generate new insights this way and to align future service design with true needs of the educational sector.


[The dates for the scheduled focus groups for this project have passed and there are no further sign ups.]


Both sessions were held at our Wellbeing Centre in Ashton, refreshments and snacks will be provided. We are very keen to hear from everyone involved in the education sector, not only teachers but also reception staff, lunchtime supervisors, governors and caretakers. We’d also like to hear from you if you have previously been involved with the sector, if you are retired or if you have begun training to teach but have perhaps decided that teaching is not the path for you.


You can also email training [at] (subject: Research%20Project%20Enquiry)  for more information.

News Date: 
Monday, 13 November 2017