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Have you heard about Microsessions? Microsessions are a new series of sessions we're holding that aim to cover a wide variety of different topics. We hope there will be something for everybody to be interested in.


Microsessions are a series of short, bite sized public information or wellbeing sessions that have been chosen to be informative, interesting, and as dynamic as possible.


For example:–

  • Careers Service will be giving a presentation that targets those who need advice and guidance around job search activities or career choices.
  • Then we have the Fire Service who are giving a talk on fire safety in the home.
  • There are also wellbeing sessions for people who have an interest in alternative practices i.e meditation, numerology or Tia Chi etc.    


Microsessions are free and you can join any of the sessions that interest you whenever it's on. They are also drop-in sessions, which means that there's no calling in and booking, just pop by and join in!


A few tidbits of information on Microsessions:

When are they?

  • Microsessions take place every Thursday, between 1pm and 2pm.

Where are they?

  • Microsessions take place at our Ashton Wellbeing Centre, located in the Coffee Lounge.

What kind of topics will be offered?

Who will benefit from these?

  • We hope that everyone will benefit at least a little bit from these sessions. Because they cover such a broad spectrum of topics we hope we have at least a little something for everyone.


If you'd like to to learn more about the Microsessions we have scheduled, you can see them on our events page!

News Date: 
Wednesday, 7 March 2018

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