#Thrive is an award winning, innovative service provided in partnership with Tameside, Oldham and Glossop Mind, L4L and Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust.


Groups & ActivitiesWe have lots of different groups and activities that young people can access to help them feel better, learn something new or just to have fun. 


It's also a great chance to make some new friends!


We offer arts & crafts sessions, cooking workshops, building with Lego sessions and loads more to choose from.


Young peoples courses can help you learn more about something you are struggling with and learn ways to cope better, whilst being able to talk to other young people your age who might be struggling too.


Our Problem Solving Service is for young people who need help to deal with a problem or issue in their life.


Sometimes when we are trying to cope with lots of things in our lives it can be difficult to be able to know what to do or how to deal with problems.


Early InterventionOur Early Intervention Service is for young people who might be struggling to cope with their feelings or things that are happening in their lives. 


We can all sometimes start to worry more, start feeling sad or upset more than usual, start feeling angry or just feel bad about ourselves; this can be because of an upsetting event in our lives or can happen for no reason at all.

Drop-in & Sort-itOur Drop-in & Sort-it service is for young people who would like to have a safe space to speak to someone and get some help or support. These are one-off 20 minute sessions where you would be with a worker, either on your own, or with your parent or carer.



The HiveYou can come to The Hive every week to play. We have drawing, painting, colouring and sticking and lots of other fun things. You can say hello to other children and we have tasty food you can eat in our cafe.


Counselling is for young people that may be struggling with things in their life, like feeling sad, worried or lonely.


Everyone can feel like this sometimes, but if you feel like this most of the time then counselling might be a good choice for you.


Solution Focussed Therapy helps children to look at ways of solving and breaking down their problems or issues into more manageable chunks. It helps them to focus on solutions such as ‘what do you need to happen’ as well as building on what is going well. Solution Focussed Therapy helps children and young people with coping strategies that they can take forward for the future, building life skills.


The Hive is a safe space for children & young peoples to come and get involved in activities or access some help for issues or problems in their lives. Young people can also access The Hive if they want to get meet other young people from their local community.


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