Meet some of our fabulous team! We are an ever-changing charity, and we respond to the needs of our local community, so there are often new faces at TOG Mind. Here are some of them below:


Meet the Team Squiggle


Our Leadership Team!

Our leadership team is made up of the CEO, directors, and department heads. We are responsible for ensuring the organisation runs according to its charitable objectives, strategy, and values.


We are all passionate around mental health and wellbeing, and believe as a charity Tameside, Oldham & Glossop Mind occupies a special place in the landscape of mental health services, constantly innovating, adapting and serving our communities.


We are inspired by the power of people and communities who influence local and national government just by getting involved. We are keen to hear from people who want to get involved with us in making our mission “enabling everyone to achieve better mental health” a reality. 
Meet the Team Squiggle

Children and Young People

Our Children and Young People Team!










Meet the Team Squiggle

Community Early Intervention

Our Community Early Intervention Team!

Meet the Team Squiggle

Targeted Services

Our Targeted Services Team!

Meet the Team Squiggle

Education and Development

Our Education and Development Team!

Meet the Team Squiggle

Operational Support

Our Operational Support Team!

Meet the Team Squiggle

Café Team

Our Topaz Café Team!











Meet the Team Squiggle

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