Active Monitoring Oldham

What is Active Monitoring?

Active Monitoring is an early intervention, guided self-help service that runs from a number of GP practices in Oldham.  The service is accessed via a 15 minute Drop-In.  If the service is suitable for you, we can work with you for a total of five sessions over a period of eight weeks.  You meet with the same Practitioner each week and work on a specific issue such as depression/low mood, stress, anxiety/worry or low confidence.  You may be asked to complete thought diaries, read relevant material, engage in some basic Cognitive Behavioural Therapy exercises or practice some Mindfulness meditation.

Where/Who can access?

Community Drop-ins

Positive Steps

Tameside, Oldham and Glossop Mind, based in Positive Steps, Union Street, Oldham, OL1 1DJ.



  Day Drop-In   Times Active   Monitoring Times Contact   Number
Positive   Steps Monday 10am   – 11am 11-1pm 0161 330 9223
Positive   Steps Wednesday 10am-11am - 0161 330 9223
Positive   Steps Friday 10am-11pm 11-1pm 0161 330 9223
Positive   Steps Tuesday 6-8pm  0161 330 9223 
Positive   Steps Thursday 10am-11.00am  12pm-   3:40pm 0161 330 9223
Positive   Steps Saturday 10-12.30pm 0161 330 9223

Community no-appointment Drop-ins

Oldham library

University Campus Oldham

Ingeus, Chambers Business Centre, Hollinwood, OL8 4QQ

Oldham Job Centre, Tweedale House, 75 Union St, Oldham OL1 1LH

Pakistani Community Centre, Marlborough St, Glodwick, Oldham OL4 1EG


GP Surgeries

We also run drop-ins at surgeries, to make an appointment, contact the following GP practices. Unless otherwise stated these surgeries are only open to patients from that specific surgery.

Hollinwood Medical Practice, Hollinwood

Failsworth Group Practice, Failsworth

Open to patients from Failsworth, Quayside and Medlock Practices.

The Village Practice, Shaw

Sun Valley Medical Practice, Glodwick

Hopwood House Practice, Lees

Royton Medical Practice, Royton

Oak Gables, Shaw

Woodlands Medical Centre, Chadderton

Alexandra Group Medical Practice, Glodwick

St. Chads Medical Practice, Lime Green Parade

St. Mary’s Medical Centre, Oldham

Chadderton Town Medical Practice, Chadderton

Quayside Medical Practice, Failsworth

CH Medical Practice, Chadderton

Royton/Crompton Family Practice, Royton

Parks Medical Practice, Royton

Lees Road Surgery, Lees

Leesbrook Surgery, Lees

Block Lane Surgery, Oldham

Moorside Medical Practice, Oldham

Littletown Medical Practice, Oldham

Hill Top Surgery, Oldham

Jarvis Medical Practice, Oldham

Kapur Family Care, Oldham

The Jalal Practice, Oldham

Pennine Medical Practice, Oldham

John Street Medical Pratice, Oldham

Springfield Practice, Oldham

Donald Wilde Medical Centre, Oldham

Dr Sidhu’s Medical Centre, Oldham

Saddleworth Medical Practice


To find out more about this service, please contact Tameside, Oldham and Glossop Mind or to self-refer please contact your GP surgery directly (if you are a patient at one of the above surgeries):

Mind Tel: 0161 330 9223

Mind Email: