Artistic Arrivals

For those who didn’t make it to our hugely successful exhibition evening last month, we are proud to present the pieces here for you. These pieces were created specifically with our Ashton Wellbeing centre in mind and use the ‘five ways to wellbeing’ as the stimulus. A big Thank you to the students at Oldham College for creating these especially for us.

Connection, Hands Reaching For Each Other


This piece symbolises connection, it’s there to show people that someone is there looking out for them. We want people to know that anyone who comes to mind will be expected and welcomed with a kind heart. Connection is important to your wellbeing, and this piece is there to remind everyone that any time is a great time to connect.

Ieva Mackeviciute, Usmaan Hussain , Lauren Chan, Thomas Kershaw, Ali Ahmed



This piece represents a ‘release’ of emotions, symbolised by the different colours. I used darts to pop the balloons filled with paint at the top of the canvas, as they symbolise ‘triggers’ or anything which could evoke the emotions.

‘Release’ is a statement which connotes releasing a dart, as well as an imperative to let your emotions run free.

Lydia Meredith



The piece combines aspects we have all studied at college in our first few weeks; such as abstract fine art and mark making as well as texture within fabric and textiles. The piece of work also refers to the development of treatment and support mind can provide to people. Essentially an artistic personification of how people can be directed and take their treatment into their own hands. The abstract style of the piece refers to the subjective and expressive feelings not only in dealing with mental health from the perspective of Mind’s clients but also people with little to no experience; the more there is to know about mental health issues the more complex and messy they can become. Equally the more important they become, mental health issues are something many of the population suffer from and a greater awareness of its origins will only be a step in the right direction.

The style of the piece is inspired by the work of Gerhard Richter, whose work focuses on expressive mark making through the use of paint. We used the pentaptych style of five panels to create a narrative of progression within the piece, this combined with the development of materials creates a message of growth in terms of: abilities to deal with mental health issues within ourself and others as well as social attitudes towards mental health issues-this aspect is also a reference to the name of the piece ‘Pentaptych’ a greek word for a painting with five panels. we used this as a title to not only show how attitudes toward mental health have changed but also how the art form has changed as this style was commonly used to present biblical and holy imagery, however now it is being utilised for the revolution of attitudes towards mental health issues.

Oliver Kenway, Charlotte Skinner, Jason Darbyshire, Gemma Mulvey and Daniel Scott.



For those who suffer love is an installation piece focusing on a personal experience. I am someone who doesn’t deal with stress very well and wanted to incorporate this within my work for those who feel the same. In relation to the charity Mind I chose to use their colours to show the growth of the stress and the mass of emotions you experience during this condition so my piece was inspired by a painter named Ian Davenport who creates abstract paintings made by pouring and dripping paint however I prepared a cubed box to pour paint over which represents a person who is experiencing feelings of being trapped whilst the consistency of the paint determines the final composition I chose to take off the box as this idea resembles my visual interpretation of hair loss in result of this mental health.

Nazreen Begum

Textiles Lotus Flower

This piece was created collaboratively. Each part was individually embellished to be later collected into this beautiful lotus flower. We want this piece to symbolise piece of mind and give a sense of strength of passion to people. Mind charity symbolises that passion to help each and every individual, therefore this piece is there to reflect that passion in what they do.

Ieva Mackeviciute, Usmaan Hussain , Lauren Chan, Thomas Kershaw, Ali Ahmed



To see our new artwork in person please feel free to come along to Mind Tameside, Oldham and Glossop at 216 – 218 Katherine Street, Ashton-Under-Lyne, OL6 7AS.

Photography by Robert Cragg of Studio G Photography