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Insight – getting a clear, deep and sometimes sudden understanding of a complicated problem or situation.

TOG Mind’s Insight services offer services to the public and professionals experiencing emotional distress or workplace challenges either through personal issues or the environments they work and live in. The services are delivered by specialist staff and volunteers trained by the most prestigious educational institutions in the North West including Salford University, Leeds University, Stockport College, University of Central Lancashire, Manchester College and others.

We offer the following options:

•Individual and group supervision
•Finding Solutions Coaching

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Services Available

In counselling you will have the opportunity to confidentially explore with your counsellor difficulties that you are facing that may be making you feel low, stressed or angry. This offer is open to any member of the public that feels would benefit from counselling and it is for you to decide how many sessions you would like to receive.

Supervision is an offer for professionals that work in the helping professions (social care, housing, probation services etc.) or are counsellors and psychotherapist. Supervision offers a space to explore the challenges within your client-facing role, how they affect your life and your performance and how you could do it more effectively and develop in it.

Our Finding Solutions coaching service is for anyone who is faced with a problem, a dilemma or is in crossroads in life and would benefit from a solution focused goal orientated approach with one of our workers to get help with dealing with it, making decisions and finally moving on.

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Tameside Oldham and Glossop Mind

TOG Mind’s Insight services are delivered and supported by a highly trained clinical team, including a clinical lead accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, a qualified counselling and psychotherapy supervisor, a solution focused therapist and a clinical support team of qualified counsellors.

The income from the delivery of the above offers is going back into TOG Mind to support the work that is being done by our organisation in the communities of Tameside, Oldham and Glossop to support the vulnerable people that face mental health difficulties.

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“The best group supervision forum I have been involved in. I feel to have the safe space to discuss issues is imperative to grow and develop in my working role”

“Excellent programme; Good to have a safe and supportive space with peers”

“I really looked forward to these sessions, it helped with my supervision with staff; they allowed me to share my experience and learn from others”

“Enjoyed these sessions; very helpful.”

“Would be great to have more of these!”

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Group Supervision – 90 Minutes – £15 per person per session – available weekly

Group Supervision – 90 Minutes –  £120 per group – (maximum 6 people) – Monthly

Individual Supervision – 60 Minutes – £50

Individual Supervision - 90 Minutes – £75

Discounts available for take up of 6 monthly and annual supervision arrangements for staff.


Individual Session – £40

Solution Focused Coaching

Individual Session  – £45

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