Fundraising for TOG Mind- Simon’s Story

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 “I really enjoyed running the 10k and raising money for a good cause. Without the help of
Tameside, Oldham and Glossop Mind last year who knows what would have happened. I’ve not only got my head straight but have also got my running to focus on now. The future is bright. So thank you to all of Mind. It was a pleasure running for you”

Back in May 2015, Simon Thomas ran the Great Manchester Run 10K and raised over £100 for us. But, it was a different story a number of years ago when Simon’s relationship ended and it was a very difficult time. During this period, he was prescribed anti-depressants a couple of times, but like many men he mostly kept his feelings to himself.

On Christmas Eve 2012, the build-up of pressures became too much and Simon finally snapped. Half way through his shift, he parked up his bus and with a shaking hand he phoned his boss to quit his job there and then. He says, “I was shaking all over, it was like a nervous breakdown.”  It was a year later that Simon was able to motivate himself and get help from the Doctors. Once again, the Doctor prescribed anti-depressants but Simon really wanted a better solution.

“I said to the Doctor that I didn’t want to just take more pills, I wanted to sort this [depression] out properly once and for all and he said that I should contact you [Tameside, Oldham and Glossop Mind]. After my first visit [therapeutic assessment] I got a call back to make sure that I was ok because I admitted to having had suicidal thoughts; that made me think that I must be pretty bad.

It was few weeks later when I had my first counselling session which was awkward at first because I didn’t know what to talk about or where to start, but the counsellor was great and she encouraged me to think about how I was feeling and focus on what my aims were. I knew that all I wanted was to get better for the sake of my kids and just to get on with normal family life.

The counselling helped me to think and talk about all of the factors which led up to me feeling overwhelmed.  It was a release being able to talk about it all and I felt relieved that I was finally getting my head straight.

I picked up on loads of helpful little things from being involved with Tameside Oldham and Glossop Mind, just stuff like not rushing around all the time and taking notice of good things [Mindfulness], getting out in the fresh air and getting more exercise.  That’s when I started running and it has changed my life.”

Today, Simon is full of life and is enjoying it. He is still a keen runner and is determined to beat his time (62mins) next year when he will run for us again. If you are inspired by Simon’s story and you fancy undertaking a challenge yourself click here  for ideas and inspiration. Thanks so much!

If you can relate to Simon’s story and feel you might benefit from our services then please call 0161 3309223 today to find out how we can help you.