Senior Management Team

The Senior Management Team comprises the CEO, Jenny Robinson, and the three Directors for Therapeutic Services, Children and Young People and Training. Together they are responsible for turning organisational strategy into operational reality.

Therapeutic team

The Therapeutic Team is headed by Marcia and Cheryl. The operational management of the Therapeutic Team is delivered by Kirsty, and Dimitrios. Both again started their journey before joining the Therapeutic paid team as volunteers. They bring their experience and passion in individual areas resulting in an array of holistic supportive services from Advice and Guidance to Counselling to Mindfulness. Supporting them is a team of front line clinical workers; again the majority of the staff started their journey here as volunteers and bring a rich wealth of experience and skills in many walks of life.

We have two Kitchen Gardens: Grange Road and Baron Rd and are soon to add one day a week at Hattersley Market Garden. Corrina manages our team of Coordinators who are assisted by some amazing volunteers. Between them, the staff has a vast experience of working with a range of horticultural organisations, including Kindling Trust, Hulme Community Garden Centre, The Lost Plot and the Green party. Kitchen Garden Grange Road is open Monday to Friday 11am
and 4pm and the Hattersley drop-in takes place on Thursdays between 11am – 4pm. You can arrange to come and visit to find out more about us.

The paid staff team is in place so we can support the 100+ volunteers that provided over a staggering 4000 face to face appointments and assisted in handling over 10,000 telephone enquiries last year. They are truly an inspiration and the substance to the services we offer! Whether you have already accessed our service yet or not, we welcome you on your journey with us. Remember what you put into it is what you get out of it!

Children and Young People

Nicola and Cheryl head up our Children and Young People team that delivers mental health awareness assemblies and workshops in schools. Nicola started at Mind as a volunteer and worked as a Mental Health Advocate in Oldham Hospital. Cheryl has been with the organisation for over 6 years and started as a volunteer. The Schools team is managed by Kathryn, previously a teacher and volunteer for us, and Deb our training services manager.

Community Development Team

Vicky looks after our Community Development Team and the Training Academy, delivering accredited mental health training Mindful Employer Services for business and community resilience workshops.

Our chef Paul is responsible for running the Cafés and between them, have over 30 years’ experience. Supporting Paul at the Topaz Café in Ashton is Surinder who brings an international flavour to the menus.

And last, but not least, we have the many amazing volunteers who give their own time to help out in the cafés, without whom we would be unable to operate!

Come and say hello and sample some of our great, locally sourced, freshly cooked dishes.

Finance & fundraising team

Joe our Finance Manager is responsible for preparing the financial accounts and Sinead and Ella, our Fundraising and Marketing coordinators, who will probably try and encourage you to run a marathon for us.

Operational Support team

Supporting the whole organisation’s Human Resource, Health & Safety and Performance Monitoring needs are Bari, Amanda and Matt.

Bari has been with the organisation now since 2009 when he started volunteering, after escaping from the dreaded “Food Industry”. He is supported by an amazing team of staff and volunteers. Claire and Jo look after all our client’s needs as soon as they come into contact with the organisation, Amanda manages all the Human Resources and Health and Safety requirements and Matt looks after all the statistics that drive the quality of the organisation.

Our many volunteers

Not forgetting all the volunteers who give up their time to support us to deliver our valuable. Without them we could not do the fabulous job we do.