Quality at Mind

For a lot of us, the term quality has been used so much and so often over the last twenty years or so, that we no longer see it as anything but part of a glib statement announced by any organisation regardless of the real meaning, or rather spirit, of the word.

As a member of the National Mind network of local Mind associations (we are all independent organisations), we have agreed to sign up to their Mind Quality Mark and are currently achievers of the highest award at Level 3.  We hope that meeting these standards will improve what we do ‘behind the scenes’ as it were, and so improve our service as a whole. However, for us, the real test is the effect it has on our customers, the general public of Tameside Oldham and Glossop.

From the moment you decide to get something from us we hope that the good quality of all we do will be apparent. From the helpfulness of your first visit or phone call; the decor and furnishings; the warmth and professionalism of our workers, through to getting something from us that is worthwhile to you. We want you to leave your first contact with us, thinking “that was pretty good, I’m glad I went there.”

We try to be good and we try to continually improve, but we are also human and inevitably we don’t always get it right. In fact sometimes we may plainly get it wrong. So if you are not satisfied or you think we could do things better tell us! If we are not told we won’t learn.

Often things like this can be sorted by a quiet word with a worker either in person or via a phone call or email. At other times this might not be enough and we would then encourage you to use our complaints procedure.

Of course, we hope that most of the time we are doing things right, in which case let us know that as well.

Finally we have tried to put into words the things that we do here and how we do them. This is easier said than done. If you would like to see how well (or not) we did this please refer to our Mission Statement, Aims and Objectives.

This page is all about quality which always starts and finishes with the public. Tell us what you think.  E-mail us at office@togmind.org.